I’ve been gigging with the band Left Hand Drive since 1996 (longer than the Beatles – but not quite as prolific). I'm still very much engaged to Left Hand Drive, after that long together we are simply best friends/brothers. In 2017 I decided to start being a solo act too.

Leftychris is a mainly original act, all about my songs and getting them heard. It’s an opportunity to play them in the hope that anyone listening is open enough to hear them and in some cases, feel them. Stripped down to one guitar and one voice performing as a singer songwriter there’s nowhere to hide but behind the song – so that’s where I’m hiding, come find me.


Humble Moon by Leftychris - also on

Click below for a sneak preview of the next album project under construction, and excitingly more than the one voice, one guitar sound of Humble Moon

Tumble and Fall



New Zealand Arms, Derby

Saturday 18th August
First time at this place for lefty
Free in bar 9pm

Castle and Falcon Derby

Saturday 8th September
Repeat visit out here.
Early evening gig
7pm start

Lathkil Beer Festival, Over Haddon

Saturday 15th September
Lefty's slot is at 5pm

Twenty Ten Matlock

Friday 12th October
Free in bar 9.30pm

Lichfield Festival of Folk (L2F)

Saturday 20th October
Lefty's slot is 12.15pm in the Guildhall Saturday

Nelson Arms Middleton

Saturday 17th November
Upstairs ticket gig
Limited places
And featuring ‘introducing’ where lefty introduces a new up and coming local act

The Hurt Arms Ambergate

Friday 23rd November
Lefty’s first outing here.
Expect original songs with a smattering of unexpected covers

The Boat Inn Cromford

Friday 30th November
Really enjoyed my last gig here. Great atmosphere.

Stanley’s Alehouse Matlock

Sunday 30th December
Songwriter session gig
5pm start


Contact me at chris@leftychris.uk